Feral Eden Holiday Romances

Cupid’s Secret 

Judah is the man every woman wants, myself included. But I’d never admit that out loud, because he’s my ex and he did the dumping.

So I’ll do what most women do to forget a sinfully gorgeous man with a new woman on his arm every night – try to find a different handsome and powerful man to make new memories with.

The problem is… everyone I go on a date with goes crazy.

And I don’t mean garden-variety looney. I mean propose-over-desert-on-the-first-date-while-already-picking-out-kids-names bonkers! When four of my previous dates confront me at the same time demanding my hand in marriage, Kai tries to rescue me.

But I don’t need his help, I need answers.

Coming Soon.

The Luck Catcher: Bounty Hunter Romance

Bounty hunters know better than to fall for a mark. I’m no exception. So what the heck am I doing?

I have everything all lined up: an easy job that’ll land me an excellent promotion. I have to do one thing—one thing!—hunt down a specific leprechaun for a VIP client.

Seems simple enough, right?


The deeper I dig and the more I hunt down my target, the more complicated things become. For one, he’s gorgeous. Sparkling green eyes, rippling muscles, a blue-collar job… Connell isn’t like the usual high-living leprechauns I’ve encountered. There’s something… off about him. But I’ve just scratched the surface. I’m questioning everything I thought I knew. By the time I learn the truth, it might be too late.