Shifter Zion

Dormant Soul: Wolf Shifter Forbidden Romance (Shifter Zion Book 1)

The forbidden girl. A man hiding in the shadows. The risk she took changed everything.

When my wolf and my soul went dark, I was left with an uncontrollable, dangerous ability and the knowledge that if a shifter mate marks me, the strain on my withdrawn soul will kill me.

But what happens if my heart is telling me—no, screaming—that I wasn’t meant to be alone?

There is only one person I trust. He blindfolds me, he protects me, he cares for me… I have no idea who he is, but I’m about to find out.

The walls around Shifter Zion are opening up for the first time since the war. I’m going to risk everything to gain my wolf, my soul, and my mystery man.

Except nothing goes as planned.

Unleashed Soul (Shifter Zion Book 2) 

Some secrets were never meant to be told.

I’ve spent the last seven years wanting my memories back. Now, all I want is to forget.

With each memory the dark prophets uncover, the more abilities they unleash in me and the closer the monster in my mind is to breaking free.

He’s whispering in my head.

Tempting me to free him.

How long can I resist him when he is my fated mate? The one that sends shockwaves through my body and makes me feel unimaginable things.

Before I lose complete control, I need to break free of the prison the rogues have me in. I have to return to my pack. I have to beg Alpha Titus and Commander Aspen for sanctuary when everyone else in the world wants me dead.


Lost Fate (Shifter Zion: Prequel Book 1)

One bite, and you’re claimed for life.

Half-human, half wolf shifter, Abby’s anathema. Yet she’s safe as a member of the oldest and most revered shifter pack in the world.

Sixteen years later, a devastating apocalypse ravages the world. The phoenix is reborn leaving a path of fire, ash, and destruction in his wake.

Abandoned to a new world without the protection of her pack, loving family, or memories that span the entire war, Abigale’s only chance for survival is to make it to the last pack on the continent and prove her value to the Alpha.

Time is running out, and so is her chance for survival.

Dive headfirst into a world of wolf shifters and survival, as author Alana Ash masterfully entangles the fate of her characters in a glorious and action-packed first glimpse at the Shifter Zion Universe that will keep you captivated with every turn of the page.

Lost Wolf: A Lost Fate Bonus Scene (Shifter Zion: Prequel Book 2)

Erebus missed all the signs. What he let happen during the war will plague him forever.

Lost Wolf is the bonus scene from Erebus’s perspective that didn’t make it into Lost Fate.