The Boonie Dog Pack

Mate Switch: Secret Shifters of Guam

A mail-order bride, an experiment escapee, and a liar walk into a bar… The punchline? They are all me.

After being infused and now able to shift into 52 different creatures, I escape my lab prison. I live my life on the run only to be caught by the daughter of the monster who experimented on me.

She presents me a deal: take over her life and her arranged marriage to a wolf shifter or go back to being a lab rat.

Not much of choice.

I wind up with one more creature implanted in me and sent to the Alpha’s territory in Guam.

I’m going to keep my real identity a secret. I’m going to find a way to escape this island. And I’m sure I will not fall in love with the heartthrob Alpha whose touch sends sparks through me.

At least, that’s the plan.